cricket or football
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An Age Old Debate: Cricket vs Football

Which is a better sport, cricket or football? This would be one of those never-ending debates among the sporting fraternities. How can two sports be compared and one be declared better than the other is? Is it based on popularity? Fan base?  Money involved? Ease to master? Alternatively, is there something else? Rather than worrying about which is better, it would make more sense to see the differences between the sports and leave the trouble of deciding which is better to the individual.

cricket or football

How old are you?

It is said that cricket was first originated in 18th century in southeast England and has attained global popularity in late 19th century. The competitor under question, Football, was also first found to attain shape in 18th century in Britain. Though it has quite a few variants of it in the early stages, it was later designed to be the current versions of football.

Worldwide appeal

This is one place where football has an advantage over cricket. Football is played by over 200 nations where as cricket is yet to reach that numbers, recent reports state that about 125 nations have been recognized under nations that play cricket.

Fan base

It is somewhat evident that football is more popular than cricket as the number of nations that are aware and are playing the sport are more. However, there are certain countries where cricket out numbers football such as Asian subcontinent. Whereas in European, Asian and African nations cricket still follows football.

It is all about money

Well, in respect of money both the sports boast about huge numbers. There is a humungous popularity, which in turn brings in great crowds, television ratings; promotions etc. besides, both the sports have encouraged league culture to bring in more local talent and to facilitate more players financially.

Fitness requirements

Any sport for that matter requires its players to be physically fit. Football as a sport is highly demanding and requires lots of running which demands the players to be extremely fit. Although cricketers do not exhaust themselves in such short, it is required to maintain high fitness levels, as it requires the consistency. Cricketers need to remain fit throughout the duration of the game, which is almost four times as that of football.

Duration & Thrillers

Football is comparatively shorter in duration (90 mins). Cricket, has its biggest challenge in the form of test cricket, which could last for five days. Which intron brings the question of which is more of a nail biter. Well, there are great last min thrillers for both the games. With its new format T20 introduced, cricket has one of the biggest short format entertainers.

Popular tournaments & World cups

Football as a sport has less number of international tournaments compared to cricket. In order to see your favorite nations play against each other one might have to wait a bit longer. Cricket has considerably larger number of international games of which Ashes between England and Australia, India-Pakistan matches catch the eye entire sporting fraternity.

Football world cup does justify the name by involving 32 nations in the competition. In contrary to that cricket has only eight nations that play for the world champions’ title.

Question Unanswered

To make a comparison between two sports, which are so hugely separated, does not seem very fair. There have been matches from both the sports that would stay in our memory until the last date. Both the sports have produced legends who inspired nations and will continue to do so. There will be younger generations who get inspired by the sport and dream to achieve big. With that said, let us hope all the sports achieve the true spirit that they promise.