Golf: An Elite Way to Live Long & Prosper

Golf is considered an elite sport, which would burn a hole your pocket to gear up for it. There are golf clubs, which cost you a million rupees. In spite of its expensive nature, golf offers its players a great amount of health benefits. There have been researches that claim that playing golf increases life expectancy. Fancy it may sound, but there are logical arguments that support the claim. Let us take a dig into the health benefits attained by playing golf.

A dig into the details

Golf is played on a grass course spread across in a huge area. A typical course has 9 or 18 holes through which the player needs to hit the ball. One round of golf takes up approximately 5 hours of time. Imagine what could 5 hours of walking outside in the sun could do to the calories of our body. In addition, training for golf does require a good amount of physical exercise. It is one of those games, which is tough to master; it requires great concentration and accuracy. That could really trigger our mental nerves.

Muscle endurance

Golf is a game that can be played by any age group. It requires a lot of swinging which is a great way to improve balance and muscle endurance in middle to old age people.

Cardio-vascular health

It is a well-known fact that any sort of exercise that exhausts us physically gets blood pumping to heart. Golf involves activities as walking, swinging and in addition if we could carry our bag that would be a weight lifting. These activities are physically straining and helps to keep our health condition in check, thereby reducing the chances of stroke and cholesterol. In order to master the game one needs to maintain a healthy life style which include healthy diet and physically active life style.

Brain Stimulation & Mental well-being

This sport requires having great levels of concentration and accuracy, which stimulate the brain. In addition, walking is supposed to raise the levels of endorphin and serotonin, which in turn assures a positive and relaxed mind. An escape from the day-to-day struggles does help in reducing stress and anxiety levels.

A great way to socialize

Golf is one of the sports where the competition is said to be friendly, which assures that the pressure to win the game is under check. During intervals of walking from one hole to other, it provides sufficient amount to talk and get familiarize with one another. There are golf clubs with members of different age groups where one can learn from the experienced.

A Final Word

Golf other than being a low impact sport, offers a lot of health benefits. Just like any other sport that requires physical fitness, this promotes increased fitness levels in its players. Walking involved in the sport helps in reducing anxiety levels, stress and thereby helping in maintain good mental health. Golf as a sport is ideal for all age groups, especially for the adults, which gives an even more reason to engage in the sport.