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Healthy Bones; Healthy You

We are as healthy as our genes. However, a few changes that can be made to our life style assure better health. There are quite a few people out there who take good care of their looks, but very few people who really care about their health. Recently there had been awareness created among the folks on importance of staying healthy with age. One need not usually worry about their health in their early age but all that we do shows up in later half of our life.

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That being said, let us get to the most important constitute of our body, building structure of the body, bones. Other than providing the frame for our body, they also protect the vital parts such as heart. It is extremely important to keep them strong, unless one wants to damage their critical organs at the slightest damage. Usually bones attain their mass until the age of 30, if by then proper bone mass is not attained it leads to weaker bones and creates issues such as joint pains, weak bones in the latter half of our life.

How to maintain healthy bones?

There are more than one ways to maintain healthy bones. A couple of which are listed below.

  • The major constituents of bones are vitamins and calcium D. Stronger and healthier bones can be achieved by making sure that the food being consumed has these in abundance.
  • Adequate exercising also prevents brittle bones. Any physical exercise gets our bones activated; by figuring out the right ones for the right set of joints and doing, those from an early age would avoid issues later.
  • Never get into low calorie diets. One should realize that having a healthy life style is important. Healthy life style comprises of good diet. Low calorie diet weakens metabolism, reduces muscle mass and bone strength.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial. Needless to mention obesity puts a lot on the bones than it can handle and causes severe joint issues. Similarly, underweight may lead to osteoporosis.
  • Keep yourself distant from smoking, other than causing cancer smoking prevents our body from effectively absorbing calcium, which is important for maintain bone mass.

Foods that need to be on list

All the foods that have rich vitamin D and calcium top the list. In addition consuming foods rich with potassium, vitamin k and iron is equally important. Dairy products, green leafy vegetables, fish, nuts; dried fruits are some of the foods that provide the nutrients for healthy bones.

Exercise on the go

It would be tough to name an exercise, which is not good for bones. Walking, hiking, aerobics, dancing, rope jumping; any sport could get you going. All though, it is important to keep in mind that too much of anything is not good.


The bottom line

It is important to take care of the valuables while we still have it. Speaking of a human health, bones play a major role. Bone health is of utmost important as any issue with them could adversely affect other organs. One need not worry about bone strength in their early age, but they definitely need to make sure it gets the right amount of attention to avoid adversities later.

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