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What Golf Shoe to Choose? Should It Be Foojoy Pro SL?

footjoy pro sl

Let’s talk about golf shoes, one of the most underrated elements of a golfer’s journey. We all know this. Golf shoes are extremely important but they are rarely talked about compared to some of the premium stuff such as golf wedges or even golf balls. We want to make it right today and therefore, we will be giving you a footjoy pro sl review guide. This review is completely biased towards us as we have been using this shoe for a while.

footjoy pro sl

Complete disclaimer. They sent us the shoe for free so we might be a bit biased here. However, I will try to make sure that the bias-ness doesn’t come across in the journey of me reviewing this awesome shoe.

Now, the first thing you got to understand is that this is Footjoy’s latest shoe which simply means that this is the most advanced one out there yet if we talk about the golf shoes in 2018. The brand has been there for a while and they are known for offering cool and comfortable shoes. Those are all there. The shoe looks nice too but we want to get into the depth of it.

The first thing that we need to talk about is the leather skin. Now, there are both pros and cons and also, there’s the animal angle that you can get into but we will stick to the comfort angle.

Golfers tend to like leather shoes because if you think about it, you need something comfortable but you do not actually need something that will help you to run around. Golfers don’t run, they walk or they sit in their golf cart and move around. According to us, the leather thing has been very healthy and comfortable as this will allow your shoe to breathe.

One common problem in golf shoes is that they don’t allow the shoes to breathe. This is tough because unlike a fast pace game where you run around and then go out within an hour, golfers stay to their ground for a real long time. Even more than a few hours in some occasion and you need a comfortable breathing option.

Another key aspect of this Footjoy shoe is the waterproof body. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that you will be using this shoe within a rainy day but golf courses can be muddy at times and when you have a shoe that’s waterproof, it is generally an indication that the shoe will last longer.

Even if you are from a part of world where humidity is a big thing, you can be rest assured that this shoe will take care of that. That’s where the waterproof thing comes into play.

All in all, this is a good shoe from a decent brand, has waterrpoof capacity and breathable skin. Yes, the price is a problem as this is a higher end product but unless you are a fan of buying shoes, you can use this easily for more than a few years.

Hope this review helps.